The Reclining Woman is an ode to Woman, inspired by the sculptures of Henry Moore. The life of Woman and her characteristics – physicality, sexuality, and motherhood – are storied in this performance.

Composer Astrid Kruisselbrink was struck by the dignity of Moore’s female figures. Though some are barely recognizable as female, his sculptures show an unmistakeable fascination for the female body.

In The Reclining Woman, texts by poets such as G.F. Lorca, Dylan Thomas, and Hester Knibbe are recited. Together with music theatre group De Helling, ensemble Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, choreographer Roberto Oliván, and singer Gerrie de Vries, Kruisselbrink created a vulnerable and fascinating performance.

A search for the woman behind the image, with a set of sculptures by PéPé Grégoire.