NARCISSUS: PLAY FOR MUSIC + SCENT, a musical drama by composer Calliope Tsoupaki for scent and 6 musicians. Music and scent are blended as a whole, influencing each other during the creative process and during the concert.

Calliope-e1390381565885The Greek/Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki wrote illusionary music that seduces our senses, ears, eyes and even our nose. For November Music, Tsoupaki composed a new piece specially written for the top ensemble for new and innovative music: Nieuw Amsterdam Peil.

The composer developed a scent experience together with Tanja Deurloo from Annindriya. “The scent influences my composition and my composition influences the scent” says Tsoupaki.

The internationally renowned interior designer and landscape architect, Petra Blaisse from Inside Outside, developed the spatial design. Through sound, scent and environment you experience what the young and handsome adolescent Narcissus, who fell in love with himself in Greek mythology, goes through.

Tsoupaki is known for her Snt Luke Passion for the Holland Festival, Maria for the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and the mini opera Vesuvius 27 or the television programme, De Wereld Draait Door. Her personal ‘sound’ is a fusion of Byzantine, medieval, traditional and modern music, forming an intense, melodic, lyrical and mystical idiomatic musical language.

Her NARCISSUS is a musical drama in its purest form without text, libretto or song, charged with dramatic tension. During the concert 5 layers of subtle scent will be dispersed and together with the music, will lead to the culmination of the Narcissus accord.